Internet Advertising Job
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Project Date:
Updation Time
8:00 a.m.
Submit Date:
Report Submitting Time
8:00 a.m.


Read the below instructions very carefully before start your project

  1. These Projects are only for the one week
  2. You have to submit your work which is mentioned above in Submitting Time.
  3. After submitting time (mentioned above) the work will not be accepted
  4. If Projects submitted after this time it will be deleted by our system.
  5. If a single error or mistake (which occurs from you) will be found in your submitting report then whole report will be rejected.
  6. If Url of the Preview is not included in the report or a single website then report will be rejected and not payable.
  7. Place your ID Number instead of XXX
  8. If you not replace XXX into your ID, the payment will not be made .
  9. You have to create an account in 900 Websites just like you made in Yahoo for email . In signup application, if Pakistan is not included then use country: USA, city: Houston, state: Texas (TX), zip code: 77067.
  10. Click on the activation link in your email if they send you one
  11. Classified ads must be displayed on each adsites for 30 days or more.
  12. Ads must be placed in categories related to that ad E.g. work at home ads will be placed in employment, jobs, business, home business
  13. You must copy the ad as displayed on each website NOT the confirmation form, submission form or confirmation page
  14. As you place each ad find it on the ad site and copy to your ms-word
  15. You have to copy the Website (URL) Address , where your adv. is preview or view online and paste it into your MsWord Report, otherwise report will not be accepted.
  16. You must have to provide the username and password of the each website.
  17. Make only one MsWord file for you r work. Sepperate report files are not accpeted and payment will not be made.
  18. Then send your report to :   dailytypistreport@gmail.com
  19. Use that email address for sending report , which you write it on the membership form.
  20. When you send a report to company then you have to inform us through telecommunication.
  21. Anyone giving false or misleading information on AD Pasting assignments will be suspended from doing these types of project in future
  22. Do not use blaster for ad placing, otherwise your membership will be terminated on the spot.
  23. If your sending attachment report has been found virus problem, then your report will be terminated on the spot, company will not be responsible to issue payment on that day.
  24. Do not place adv. in animal, adult, weapons, geographical sites and also do not place adv. in these categories. If we found your adv. in these categories or sub categories then, your membership will be terminated on the spot without giving any information.
  25. For any kind of query (write your Name, Working Code and Work recieving website name e.g. http://________.50webs.com) if you not write your name, working code and working recieving website name, then your email will not be recognised and or correspondence you can send your request on : 9to5onlinehelp@gmail.com